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How to find the right furniture

How to find the right furniture(sofa)

We often got feedback from our customers that our sofas are so comfortable that they prefer to stick to the sofas but go out. 

Yes.The most important condition for sofas is comfort! Comfortable! Comfortable!


A good sofa does have magical magic. It is the temperament of the entire home space, and it is also the soft and comfortable harbor when you are alone.

First of all, you need to have a comfortable sofa that doesn't need to be very high-end, but it must have connotation.

Next, we talk about the sofa from the three aspects of the shape, material, color, let you use the easiest way to find your own heart sofa.

1 shape

The more common sofas are linear sofas, two-seat sofas and multi-seat sofas. The advantages of this type of sofa are versatile, flexible, and suitable for small size. With the footstool to use a more


Don't forget that the living room is a place for creating communication and less chat on mobile phones. Two-seat sofas, with single sofa and coffee table, can create a very good atmosphere of communication.

If a small space also wants to use a multi-person sofa, choose a right-angled backrest and place it against the wall, you can effectively save space


Recalling your own lifestyle, is not always lying on the sofa watching TV, or even occasionally on the sofa to sleep, in this case, L-shaped sofa with a chair too may be more suitable for you.


Spaces that are large enough to be reminiscent of mediocre shapes can be thought of as curved half-arched sofas. The premise is that your vision is sharp enough, otherwise it is easy to stray into the wrong direction of commercial space

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