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How to maintain metal furniture?

1. Be sure to stay away from acidic and alkaline items
Acidity and alkalinity are the biggest killers of metal furniture. It can quickly corrode metal furniture. If we unfortunately spill acidic or alkaline liquid on metal furniture, we must rinse it with clean water in time, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. clean.

2. Keep away from the sun
Don't put metal furniture in the sun, otherwise the paint on its surface will be easily faded, so when the sun is strong, we must find a way to cover it.

3. Don't be in a humid environment
We all know that metal furniture is prone to oxidation in a humid environment, which will speed up the corrosion of metal furniture, so we must stay away from humidity to keep the indoor humidity at a certain level.

4. Eliminate rust
If the metal furniture is inadvertently rusted, we can wipe the rusted place with cotton gauze dipped in engine oil, and then wipe it with cotton cloth after a while to remove the rust. Do not use sandpaper for grinding. If there are large or many rusty places, we can ask professional people to repair them.

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