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Modern full house interior design proposal

There are a lot of modern furniture on the market with different designs, but if you don't match them well. It will make the tone and style of the whole house mismatch.


Let us show you how to select the furniture.


First: Living Room


The living room is the center of gravity of the whole house, and the sofa is the most important furniture in the living room. Choosing a sofa with a strong sense of simple lines is usually the main method of the modern minimalist style. After choosing the sofa, choose other furniture, such as coffee table, corner table, TV unit, etc. The materials of metal, simple lines,fabric, leather and glass are common elements in minimalist style home, so it is good to choose pure glass, glass with metal, and wood with metal as the matching coffee table for the sofa. It is stylish and simple.


Second: Dining Room


After choosing the furniture for the living room, choose the dining room. Dining room furniture generally includes dining table, dining chairs, sideboard, etc. The dining table we choose should match the furniture in the living room, including material, hardware and color. After choosing the dining table, choose the chairs and other furniture that can match.


Third: Bedroom


The style of the bedroom can be varied, but if you choose a modern style, it is best for the bedroom to be modern.


If you still don't know how to choose, EKAR FURNITURE can provide you with free design of the whole house to see which one you like.

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