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The difference between marble and ceramic

1. The densities of the two are different. Marble has a low density and is easy to absorb water. If it is used in the kitchen for a long time, it will absorb the dirt in the kitchen, and if it is soaked in water for too long, it will also become weathered. However, the density of the rock plate is relatively high. Abrasiveness and corrosion resistance are much higher than marble.
2. The colors of the two are different. The color of marble is very rich, and the texture is relatively delicate, so the sense of decoration is very strong. There are not many colors of rock slabs, relatively speaking, there are few color categories, but the hardness of rock slabs is very strong, it is not easy to be worn, and it is more suitable for use as with kitchen decor.
3. The cost of using the two is different. Marble slab is a pure natural stone, which is more complicated in the mining and production of raw materials, and requires more cost budget, while rock slab is a product that is processed and forged by adding special materials to stone raw materials, and the raw materials are relatively easy to obtain. Lower cost than required.

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