First release | 600㎡ French-style private house, isn’t this the home in the movie?

First release | 600㎡ French-style private house, isn’t this the home in the movie?

600㎡ French romance-Time flies,I have more and more experiences,But the passion for home remains in my heart.The French style does not give people a sense of loss;Maintain romance and elegance,Precipitated over the years,Traditional, classic and transcendent.Every corner has been tuned,Leisurely and contented,Enjoy this quality life.

Today, I will take you to experience the French-style mansion. Through the feeling of the movement, you can find the romantic place.

Elegant and gentleThe beauty of French home furnishings

The entrance wall uses artistic wallpaper to express the theme of nature. The work is a fusion of city and nature, highlighting the theme of the space and allowing romance to find a habitat in modern life.

There is no shortage of retro elements in the French style. The designer integrates some retro classic elements through the artistic conception of modern space, allowing different eras to meet here.

The layout is symmetrical, with light colors as the keynote, and arched blinds filter excess sunlight. You can feel the balance of French classical and modern beauty. The plaster lines at the corners, the carvings on the windows, and the metal handmade glass chandeliers bring a strong sense of luxury, highlight the beauty of French retro, and give the interior space a theme.



The decorations that can be seen everywhere are not only part of the space, but also a masterpiece that caters to the residents' new ideas. The collection aesthetics and color processing are just right, and some details often light up the entire space. The designer builds a beautiful space through unique concepts.



Daily life needs to be dull, but also needs a sense of ritual. When you step on the herringbone parquet floor, you can feel warmth and solidity. The camel-colored sofa paired with a black coffee table adds color elements to the space and makes leisure time more comfortable. The space is filled with a profound feeling, and the thick and gentle temperament wraps the soul.


Whether it is artistic decoration or functional use, the beauty brought by the rich texture cannot be ignored, as if it has been expressing elegance, making people listen carefully.






In the design, there is no sense of boundary between the living room and dining room, and the entire area is divided through the treatment of ceiling and wall. Different functional zones can bring different feelings, and when you move through them, this feeling becomes richer. The figure of the resident is also engraved in the beautiful life.

The kitchen highlights functionality and the pleasure of cooking. To this end, the space adopts the design of Chinese and Western kitchens. At the same time, you can easily feel the green outside the window, reduce the sense of oil smoke, and make cooking an enjoyment.

Kitchen appliances are built-in to make the space tidier and achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The basketball area highlights sports elements, and there is a patio on the edge of the ceiling to connect the indoors and outdoors, so you can feel the cool breeze and the warmth of the sun at any time.



Design is not just a visual impact, but flows into life. The romantic elements of the French style embellish life and smudge the space. This elegance and tranquility can be deeply felt from the heart.