First release | 820㎡ French retro mansion, classics are always the trump card!

First release | 820㎡ French retro mansion, classics are always the trump card!

820㎡ retro mansion-

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Today I will show you a French retro mansion and feel the beauty of the collision of retro and modern.Gypsum board as backgroundInterpretation of French light retro styleStepping into the space, gypsum boards with retro logos greet you. The delicate lines highlight the exquisite craftsmanship. The pure white color brings people into the retro world. The wooden-colored herringbone floor tiles on the ground are compact and orderly and gradually open the curtain of the space.

The brilliance of the lamps brings with it the sense of prosperity, and the nobility of the metal embodies the awe of the design. The smooth layout and balanced space design make the space here more noble and rich. More speechlessness is hidden in the furniture and colors, and silent companionship can always bring infinite joy.

Here, retro style and modern style collide, which is both elegant and full of surprises. The European-style chandeliers are exquisite and retro, while the Italian-style furniture is noble and elegant. The collision of the two brings unique surprises.

When the blinds are closed or half-opened, the light is filtered by the blinds and becomes extremely gentle. Under the hazy light, the space quietly blooms with restrained and reserved elegance.

The overlapping colors always make people intoxicated easily. The combination of gray and Hermès orange creates a sense of nobility in plainness. The Greek paintings on the wall have a strong and long-lasting artistic atmosphere.

Dramatic interpretation of luxury and comfortCreate a contemporary peach blossom gardenThe inner world of contemporary people is always restless and needs home to soothe it. The tranquility of home is a brand new "peach blossom garden" for contemporary people.

The excellent height makes this place independent from other spaces. The openness of the upper space gives people unlimited space for imagination. Coupled with the embellishment of lines, the overall shape presents a clean and neat shape.

The kitchen area is parallel to the bar, but the two spaces are completely independent. In the kitchen, the black and white floor tiles light up the fashion sense here. The pure combination of black and white is enough to interpret the taste of food. .

The outer glass door cuts off the noise and fumes in the kitchen very well, and the transparent glass material does not affect the light inside the kitchen.

The design of the stairs is very retro-style, with just the right curves and black and white tones, elegance and nobility are evident. The light strips on the stairs emit warm yellow light, bringing infinite warmth.

The light brown finish opens up the "large flat" here. The nobility is contained in the retro carvings on the wall, and the elegance is wrapped in the large furniture. The texture on the carpet interprets the layering of the space. The sunlight outside the window became softer under the filter of gauze curtains.





The design without main lights is more in line with the atmosphere of the space. The black and white coffee table matches the gray sofa very well. The consistent color tone makes the space more intimate.

The bar counter is located behind the cigar area, which greatly facilitates daily life. The aroma of wine lingers on the tip of the nose, and the beauty of this moment is worth cherishing forever.

The audio-visual room is no longer depressing and dim. The bright blue instantly breaks the dim atmosphere, making the place more joyful and joyful.

The living room is more grand and steady. The symmetrical orange seats add to the grandeur here, and the coordinated layout is the presentation of stability here.

The semi-curved doors and windows break the traditional design and inject novelty into the interior of the space. Through the gauze curtains, the light here is still transparent.


There are not too many decorations in the bedroom, mainly to create a comfortable resting environment.

There are not too many decorations in the bedroom, mainly to create a comfortable resting environment.

In this bedroom, the addition of pink makes the place a little sweeter and more energetic.