Tianjin’s Crown Jewel: EKAR Furniture's Masterpiece at the Yujiapu InterContinental Hotel

Tianjin’s Crown Jewel: EKAR Furniture's Masterpiece at the Yujiapu InterContinental Hotel

In the heart of Tianjin lies a symbol of luxury and grandeur, the Yujiapu InterContinental Hotel. This iconic establishment, beyond its stellar services and architecture, holds a unique allure, courtesy of the masterful designs of EKAR Furniture. The brand's distinct vision, reflected through each meticulously crafted piece, blends the modern spirit of Tianjin with timeless elegance.

Public Areas: A Celebration of Community and Elegance

The public spaces at the Yujiapu InterContinental are where EKAR Furniture's vision truly comes to life. From the grandeur of the lobby to the subtle sophistication of the lounges, EKAR's designs ensure that every public area is both functional and magnificent. Blending comfort with style, the furniture in these spaces invites guests to relax, connect, and savor the beauty of their surroundings.

The Magic of EKAR: Beyond Design

While the Yujiapu InterContinental stands tall as a beacon of luxury, EKAR Furniture's role goes beyond mere aesthetics. Their commitment to crafting furniture that lasts, utilizing sustainable practices and the finest materials, means that their designs aren't just beautiful – they're built to stand the test of time.

The Suites: EKAR’s Ode to Opulence

The suites of the Yujiapu InterContinental are nothing short of art. EKAR's expertise shines brilliantly in these spaces, where every corner, every nook has a touch of magic. The furniture, echoing both contemporary and classical vibes, plays with textures and hues, offering guests a dynamic yet cohesive ambiance. Whether it's the plush seating or the innovative storage solutions, EKAR ensures that every suite becomes a sanctuary of luxury.

EKAR’s Bedroom Designs: Where Dreams Take Flight

Every bedroom at the Yujiapu InterContinental feels like a personal palace. Thanks to EKAR Furniture, guests are treated to spaces that exude warmth, comfort, and sophistication. Each furniture piece, from ornate headboards to minimalist side tables, encapsulates a sense of luxury, ensuring guests are cocooned in the finest surroundings as they retreat for the night.

EKAR and the Yujiapu InterContinental – A Symphony of Luxury

In a city as vibrant and dynamic as Tianjin, the Yujiapu InterContinental, with EKAR Furniture's touch, stands out as a testament to what happens when passion meets perfection. Every room, corridor, and corner of the hotel echoes EKAR's commitment to excellence, ensuring that guests don't just stay at a hotel; they experience a masterpiece.